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LexTranslate is a network of attorneys who combine their legal expertise with an extensive knowledge of foreign languages, acquired and continuously refreshed through the professional activity carried out by our collaborators. The service that we offer, in more than twelve languages, is a high quality service, given the fact that documents are translated exclusively by attorneys qualified in their corresponding jurisdictions, who translate into their respective mother tongues. Our hired translators are not simply translators, but also legal experts, with specific knowledge of the laws and native language relevant to the document to be translated. We use a method of verification and control that ensures high quality translations, pursuant to the principle “four eyes are better than two”.

The original document is first translated by an attorney whose native language is the target language of the document and then edited by an attorney whose native language is that of the source document. LexTranslate always makes sure that its legal translators remain in full compliance with the confidentiality of the contents of all documents. LexTranslate always delivers the translated document in accordance with the conditions and timing agreed with the client and guarantees a post-delivery assistance to answer to any question or doubt.

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